Faculty of Chemistry

Chairman of the Faculty of Chemistry Committee Prof. N.J.B. Green.

The following information pages are available:

Laboratory Addresses and Phone Enquiries

Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory
South Parks Road
Oxford OX1 3QR

Telephone 01865 272600
Fax 01865 272690

Chemistry Research Laboratory
12 Mansfield Road
Oxford OX1 3TA

Telephone 01865 285000
Fax 01865 285002

Physical & Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory
South Parks Road
Oxford, OX1 3QZ

Telephone 01865 275400
Fax 01865 275410

Chemistry Teaching Laboratory
South Parks Road
Oxford OX1 3PS

Telephone (01865 2)81505 or
email ctlreception@chem.ox.ac.uk

Admissions Information

Undergraduate Chemistry Admissions. University of Oxford Undergraduate prospectus and Postgraduate prospectus. All communications on undergraduate matters should be sent to Laura Fenwick, Telephone 01865 272568, email address: undergraduate.studies@chem.ox.ac.uk and on graduate matters to Aga Borkowska, Telephone 01865 272569, email address: aga.borkowska@chem.ox.ac.uk

Useful Contact Details

Head of the Department of Chemistry

Prof. M. Brouard

01865 275457

Secretary to the Head of Department

Ms S. Henderson

01865 285123

Head of Administration

Ms R. Mortimer

01865 285093

Financial Controller

Ms A. Lintern

01865 275680

IT Co-ordinator & Training Officer

Dr. K. Harrison

01865 275925

Safety Officer 

Dr. C. Blackwell

01865 272687

Director of Studies & Associate Head of Department (Teaching)

Prof. N.J.B. Green

01865 282760




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